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Trading Stocks, Forex, Cryptos: what you need to know

High frequency algorithms programmed by financial institutions analyze Market conditions and execute their trades at blazing speeds. How can retail traders even begin to compete? Technical indicators, like moving averages, MACD, Stochastics, require time to analyze...time high frequency algorithms take away.

MyTradingScripts "computerized decision making" trading scripts provide high speed algorithmic analytic alerts for retail traders. These are the same trading decisions done manually using charts with technical indicators. Computerized scripts analyze the same technical charts quickly, at speeds a retail trader can only imagine.

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Simple To Use

Our trading scripts are simple to use. They search for opportunities for you, real time, day and night.

MyTradingScripts.com Scripts

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Select Market symbols to Monitor

Select the Market symbols you want to monitor real time, day and night

MyTradingScripts.com Trend

Watch For Alerts: Uptrend/Downtrend

Watch as our computerized decisions send alerts for Uptrends and Downtrends

Trading Scripts:
Real Time Trading, Round the Clock
No Matter Where You Live In The World

"Our Mission: Help Traders Compete By Making Trading Decisions Simple"

Why Use Trading Scripts

"Computerized Decision Making": Market analysis with real time alerts at blazing speeds

MyTradingScripts.com Emotion Free

Trading "Emotion-Free"

"Emotions" can impact trading. Fear / greed may reduce profitability. Algorithms make computerized decisions, no emotion

MyTradingScripts.com 24 Hours

24 Hours a Day Trading

Trading scripts provide alerts 24/5, executing without need for food, sleep, or going to work

MyTradingScripts.com Disciplined

Disciplined Trading

Trading scripts are computer programs watching for up/down trends, not driven by guesswork or "Hunches"

MyTradingScripts.com Markets

Multiple Markets

Algorithms can monitor multiple Markets simultaneously, not just limited by "Favorites" previously analyzed

MyTradingScripts.com Complex Alerts

Complex, Sophisticated Alerts

Algorithmic scripts can be very sophisticated, tracking multiple technical indicators/profit targets at blazing speeds

MyTradingScripts.com Worldwide

Trade Throughout the Planet

No matter where you live in the world, in what time zone, trading scripts are available for you

Our Services

Our algorithmic scripts can be used for all Markets, Stocks, Forex, CFD's, and now, even Cryptocurrencies, regardless of time frame: Daily, Hourly, even 1 Minute
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  • Dynamic Candlesticks Script
  • Momentum Oscillator Script
  • Real Time Alerts Script
  • For TradingView.com
  • Email Support
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  • Dynamic Candlesticks Script
  • Momentum Oscillator Script
  • Momentum Oscillator Script
  • For TradingView.com
  • Automated Trading Robot
  • Automating Forex and Cryptos Setup**
  • Skype/Email Support
  • XX
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  • Dynamic Candlesticks Script
  • Momentum Oscillator Script
  • Momentum Oscillator Script
  • For TradingView.com
  • Automated Trading Robot
  • Automating Forex and Cryptos Setup**
  • Access to Private Messaging 365 Days
  • Skype/Email Support
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Automating Cryptos Setup available for the following exchanges: Bittrex, Binance, Kraken, Gdax, Cex.io, Poloniex

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Having spent a lot of money on how to trade courses, I still have difficulty trading consistently. Algorithmic scripts with real time alerts help trade successfully. I like that they do a lot of the technical analysis for me.

MyTradingScripts.com Testimonials

Jim, Tennessee

I watched the alerts from the scripts. At first I was not confident I could trust the charts. I was used to only watching a couple of symbols. Now I find I can monitor many symbols and different markets at the same time.

MyTradingScripts.com Testimonials

Joe, UK